y{our} evolution

Deloitte, as one of the ‘big four’, has always been synonymous with tax and audit. As one of the largest consultancies in the world, Deloitte’s services go far beyond the financial. These include blockchain, robotics, digital, analytics, strategy, human capital and much, much more. As a society, we are currently going through a period of disruption, whole industries can be created or collapse overnight. Deloitte wants to be the number one consultancy when it comes to helping to navigate these tricky times. The ask was to create a campaign to inform and educate the key decision-makers across different industries of Deloitte’s capabilities. We didn’t stop there, we also wanted to demonstrate that, as a consultancy, our client’s success is our success. We integrated this throughout our messaging, to let the target audience know that we are in this together.

l i v e s i t e


The Campaign

To make the campaign successful, we needed a few key ingredients. Great visuals, perfect positioning and a tangible message. We used targeted LinkedIn posts to reach the right audience in the right roles. Then we gave them industry-specific thought leadership and predictions. We did this to demonstrate our knowledge of their sectors and to show how well we understand the challenges faced by their industries.

You can’t fully appreciate the Mona Lisa by looking at it through a keyhole, the same goes for my portfolio. There are some details you might miss on the small screen, its best to check it out later on a laptop, desktop or tablet. ;)