2018 Mobile Consumer Trends

44% of Irish consumers will look to upgrade their mobile phone in the next year. Their upgrades are generally down to issues such as battery life deceasing or damage to their phones. The stand out growth demographic for mobile devices is in the 65+ age bracket with significant increases across all categories of non-voice smart phone usage (e.g emails, MMS, social networks & video calling).

The Subscription Prediction

In 2018, Deloitte predicts that the average adult in the developed world will have at least of two online-only media subscriptions. By the end of 2020, that number will have doubled to four. The cost of these subscriptions – spanning principally TV, movies, music, news and magazines – are typically be under €10 per month.

Connecting Ireland’s Rural Population

With technological developments in the area of Millimeter wave (mmWave), fixed wireless access (FWA) will become a realistic broadband option in many homes across the world who do not have a wired broadband connection. Unlike mobile phone dongles being used to provide broadband, wireless home internet refers to a specific antenna on a building which will connect to a nearby base station, which in turn will have a fiber connection as a backbone to the service.

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