Be Ready

It’s been hailed as the biggest thing since the internet – but what exactly is Blockchain? As the centre of excellence for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Deloitte’s Blockchain Lab is at the epicentre of this new technology. One of the biggest challenges faced by the team was to explain what Blockchain is, and how it is going to change industries over the coming years. This gave rise to the #BeReady campaign.



When Deloitte Digital acquired Red Planet (a Dublin-based innovation consultancy), they wanted to announce it in a dynamic way. For both Deloitte and Red Planet, this was a step into unknown possibilities. , Deloitte’s experience and scale teamed with Red Planet's access to start-ups and new technology means the sky is no longer the limit.

You can’t fully appreciate the Mona Lisa by looking at it through a keyhole, the same goes for my portfolio. There are some details you might miss on the small screen, its best to check it out later on a laptop, desktop or tablet. ;)