John O'Connor - Creative Director


Graduate Campaign

The problem Deloitte had was that graduates have more and more options with increasing competition from the large tech companies as well as the traditional competitors. The other problem they faced was that graduates just didn’t see Deloitte as an organization that spoke or represented their generation. The challenge was to attract the best talent, increase the number and diversity of applications as well as demonstrate the opportunities available to a graduate starting their career in Deloitte.

ROLE: CREATIVE DIRECTOR | Agency: Deloitte Digital



Social Listening

Using our social listening tools we looked for the most popular hashtags used by our audience on Instagram. Once we had these we merged them with the career motivation of the audience to create attention grabbing posts. We used these to interrupt and join conversations already popular with our audience and drive traffic to our profile.



We knew that in order to talk to this generation we needed to reflect the generation in our creative approach. We contacted recent graduates within Deloitte and asked them to share their experiences through Instagram stories and posts.


Content Hub

We didn't only use social networks to promote our heros stories. We also created an innovative content hub to showcase all of our heros stories in one place.

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