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Hennessy V.S

Concept - Art Direction - UI&UX
Agency: Havas Worldwide
Role: Creative Director
Hennessy has been in existence for the last 253 years. While an established top-shelf drink, it was facing challenges of being perceived as old to the younger consumer. Our goal was to reposition the brand as fresh and contemporary while upholding the carefully-crafted premium aspect of this unique drink. Keeping the principles of the brand intact, we decided to reinvent what it means to be ‘crafted’. We used new technologies to create premium experiences for the consumer. Using IBM Watson API sentiment analysis, we asked consumers to input their Twitter handle and allow Watson API to create a perfect cocktail containing ingredients specifically chosen to complement their personality traits.
Single Image
Keeping in line with our new campaign principles of reinventing what ’crafted‘ means, we decided to reimagine what a Twitter wall could be. During a ‘Hennessy Lost’ event at the RHA Gallery, we asked guests to tweet #HennessyLost with a uniquely crafted message. We then had our resident calligrapher recreate the tweets in a beautifully-crafted note. This created a fantastic response, with #HennessyLost trending at number one on Twitter during the event as well as creating the world’s most exquisite tweet wall.
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